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Hello Everyone, let's clear up a few things about relationships. So, first things first:

A Relationship is the connection between two people and because relationships require a strong foundation to survive, we need techniques to manage them effectively; clear guidelines and/or boundaries, clear communication, confident decision-making abilities, accountability, consideration for all parties involved and other healthy relationship habits.

Are you having a hard time communicating with your spouse or significant other? Have you recently experienced a break-up and can't seem to get back on track?  Are you feeling unappreciated, unheard, and/or disconnected in your relationship(s)? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, more than likely you have identified patterns that display some type of dysfunction that no longer works for your relationship(s). If you’re feeling frustrated, anxious, and unsure, just know that you are not alone; The Relationships Whiz understands the pain, disappointment and unhappiness that you may be feeling and is here to help! Whether it is your current relationship, or a history of toxic relationship patterns that have left you feeling defeated, just know that you are not broken, so get that out of your head!  And what “they” call -the vicious cycle- ends with YOU!


Congratulations for taking that first step toward the new you because once you start moving forward, there’s nothing but success ahead. The Relationships Whiz can help you find out why you're feeling discomfort or a void in your relationship(s) and work with you to resolve those issues.       

 You may have already internalized some negative thoughts and/or feelings regarding your self-worth. Well, get rid of them! YOU ARE WORTHY of authentic love and healthy relationships.  If you allow the Relationships Whiz to guide you, I'll display and enhance your value.  This journey will ultimately change the way you see yourself, your partner and other relationships.

Let's get to work!



“You have to say goodbye to the PAST and welcome the FUTURE with bells on.”


"Progress happens when YOU decide that it’s time to MOVE FORWARD. Go for it and don’t look back! You can do it, I believe in you."


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Congratulations, you've taken the first step!

"Always remember to love yourself; you're the most important person in your life."

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"Forgiveness is a commitment; not just a feeling. It is a choice to display mercy, not to hold the offence against the offender. Forgiveness is an expression of love."

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"Try not to take the actions of others personally. Most of the time how others behave has nothing to do with you."