About Me

Meet Conitha Clemons

Hello everyone, I am a recently Certified Relationship Coach located in Victorville, CA. But, as far as I can remember, I’ve been coaching others in different types of relationships. My specialty is helping others realize their true value.  I believe that once you appreciate your true value, you will no longer subject yourself to dysfunction and unhealthy relationship patterns. My coaching style not only challenges my clients but allows them to blossom to their full potential. What started out as me being the go-to when those around me needed guidance has become a newfound passion.

Married more than 10 years, in the same relationship for 20 years and being the youngest of 14 children, I have learned a great deal about life, love and relationships throughout the years. If you are feeling overwhelmed and/or unsure of yourself due to life’s demands; been there. My coaching sessions will introduce self-confidence, clarity and effective communication techniques. Those skills are the foundation for anyone who desires to start on the path to functional, healthy relationships.

I also offer helpful techniques to manage the emotional stress of everyday life as it relates to human relationships, boundaries and connections.  I am here to cancel the notion that you are broken and to inform you that the vicious cycle of toxic relationship patterns can stop with you.