Relationship Coaching 


Create And Maintain Healthy Relationships

The Relationships Whiz, offers affordable relationship coaching for both individuals and couples who would like understand the dynamics of  intimate relationships and what roles they actually play. Each coaching session is unique to the needs of the client(s) and often relates to self-love, unhealthy and/or toxic behavior patterns, communication, marriage and pre-marital relationships.


Whether you're ending a toxic relationship, seeking to evaluate existing relationship patterns, in a marriage with challenges or just want to enhance what is already working, relationship coaching would be a rewarding step towards a solid connection.


Marriage Consulting

Before or during a marriage small things can damage the relationship and some big things may happen without notice or sometimes swept under a rug until there's an explosion. We can work together to save the marriage or make sure marriage is even a good idea. The goal is to identify the issues and avoid divorce whenever possible.

Post-Breakup Consulting

When a breakup is fresh, your emotions are everywhere. It can be difficult to eat, sleep, or function at all. It can feel like life is over.

I can give you the tools that will allow you to find  happiness again and effectively move on.

Relationship Consulting

You deserve an authentic relationship filled with passion, commitment  trust, security, intimacy and affection. If it seems to figure out how to get there, or how to keep the fire burning, I can help you achieve your goals or teach you how to determine it the relationship has the potential to be what you need.

Our Services

  • Consultation to discover goals.

    30 min

    40 US dollars
  • An introduction to relationship goals and how to achieve them.

    1 hr

    80 US dollars